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The Science of Negative Ion Detoxification

In 2001, an England Scientist, using Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's (USA) theory of low frequency therapy that had healed 16 cancer patients, invented the 1st ion foot detox apparatus.  Millions of people's health have been benefited by this treatment since then.  Due to it's efficacy, it is getting popular in the European and many other countries.

The apparatus works according to the human body's pre-designed ion conditions.  A healthy cell which is supposed to have 80% of negative ions and 20% of positive ions is vigorous and very permeable.  When a cell's ion state is in balance (Yin Yang balance), it can assimilate nutrients and detoxify itself effectively.  However, environmental and food pollution today have caused the body to accumulate more positive ions that degenerate the cell's proper functions.

Thus, using the bio technology and ionization method that generate a vibrating frequency of 75,000 times, breaking down the water molecules and increasing negative ion contents in the water, helps impart negative ions to and eliminate positive ions from the body through 20,000 skin pores on the feet to improve cell's vitality, metabolism, and the body's detoxification functions.  It rids the body of toxins, heavy metals, free radicals, yeast fungus and extra fats directly and indirectly through skin pores, cells, liver, kidney, urine, stool and lymph.

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